Plausible is a lightweight and open-source Google Analytics alternative. Your website data is 100% yours and the privacy of your visitors is respected.

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Plausible integration for Nuxt

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pnpm add @huntersofbook/plausible-nuxt
yarn add @huntersofbook/plausible-nuxt
npm add @huntersofbook/plausible-nuxt

Nuxt Config

export default defineNuxtConfig({  modules: [    '@huntersofbook/plausible-nuxt'  ],  plausible: {    init: {      domain: 'localhost',      apiHost: '',      trackLocalhost: true    },    // If this is loaded you can make it true,    partytown: false,  }})


<script setup lang="ts">const { trackEvent } = usePlausible()</script><template>  <div>    <button @click="trackEvent('nuxt')">      click me    </button>  </div></template>
<script setup lang="ts">const { trackPageview } = usePlausible()</script>

Init Default

Plausible() accepts some options that you may want to provide:

domainstringYour site's domain, as declared by you in Plausible's settingslocation.hostname
hashModeboolEnables tracking based on URL hash changes.false
trackLocalhostboolEnables tracking on localhost.false
apiHoststringPlausible's API host to use. Change this if you are self-hosting.''

Settings Default

enableAutoPageviewsboolYour site's domain, as declared by you in Plausible's settingstrue
enableAutoOutboundTrackingboolEnables tracking based on URL hash changes.false

Development ๐Ÿ’ป

  • Clone this repository
  • Enable Corepack using corepack enable (use npm i -g corepack for Node.js < 16.10)
  • Install dependencies using pnpm install
  • Stub module with pnpm dev:prepare
  • Run pnpm dev to start playground in development mode


MIT License ยฉ 2022-PRESENT productdevbook

Credits ๐Ÿ’š

Nuxt 3 Plugin danielroe